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Weekly post (1/9)

  • How to subscribe to new releases of open-source projects on GitHub.

    GitHub’s all-or-nothing way of subscribing to a repo is annoying. You can either be:

    • notified when when participating or @mentioned.
    • notified of all conversations
    • not notified at all.

    3 notification options in GitHub

    There’s no option for more fine-grained controls, such as just subscribing to new releases, which is what I need.

    I found a makeshift solution today, via the use of an Atom feed on the releases page of a repo. This page is reached by appending /releases to the end of a repo’s URL. For example, for React’s repo at, the releases page is at and contains a feed called “release notes from react” at Add this feed to your news reader app (I personally use Reeder) and you’ll be notified of each release. Right now I’m subscribed to fast-moving projects that I use heavily: React, TypeScript and Webpack.

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