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About Me

My name is Huy Nguyen. I’m currently working as a Software Engineer at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (via Medical Science & Computing, a federal contractor). I previously worked in various software engineering roles at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Harvard’s Center for International Development, and Periscopic.

I’m passionate about creating beautiful, engaging and high-performance web applications using the latest cloud and web technologies. I’m a huge fan of React, ReScript, TypeScript and, some day, I might just be able to master Haskell.

I have extensive experience developing large-scale, front end-focused, highly interactive data exploration and visualization platforms. I’m currently exploring the following areas of software development:

  • How functional, statically-typed programming languages, such as Elm, PureScript and ReScript, can help developers write much more robust and provably correct web applications.
  • How GPU technologies (such as WebGL and its successor WebGPU) and native execution technologies (such as WebAssembly) can enable higher-performance data visualizations in the browser.
  • How new software development paradigms such as microservices, container orchestration, infrastructure-as-code and GitOps can be applied in practice to enable the development of reliable and scalable cloud-native web applications at high feature velocity.
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