Quantum Monte Carlo

Quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) is a sufficiently niche field that the best (and probably only) way to learn about it is through published journal papers. I started out in this field the summer after my sophomore year, having no idea what I was stepping into :). Since then I’ve read a number of journal papers in the field and understand them to varying degrees. I did my undergraduate thesis in QMC.

Below is a collection of some of the papers I’ve read with commentary, some about the subject matter of the papers, some about how they fit into the bigger picture while others are just personal comments.

I’m not anywhere near even being a proficient student in the field but with my limited understanding built up so far, I hope to help people gain some exposure to the very interesting field of QMC, especially diffusion Monte Carlo (DMC) and auxiliary-field quantum Monte Carlo (AFQMC), the two methods that I have dabbled in.

If you think this page helps you at all or just want to chat about QMC in general, feel free to shoot me an email.